Resty Gossip 11.13

Well, the big news everyone’s being assaulted with this week is of course several local restaurants being identified by the Michelin people. “Did you hear Hatch got a Michelin star???” I have heard enough times this week to be nauseous. Let’s get something clear right off the bat: Nate’s, Hatch, In Bloom, LPC, Ember etc….

The Best 12 Restaurants in Paso Robles

FOUR different times this week people have messaged me about where to eat in Paso Robles, and TWO times in the past month I have threatened to make a list. It’s just SO explosive up there right now. I fully feel the pendulum has swung back to NoCo after dawdling about SoCo for a decade….

Resty Gossip 5.22

Highlight of my last weekend was FINALLY sliding into Pig Iron at the Templeton Mercantile. Been watching this thing from the sidelines for a couple years now but just never pulled the trigger. Nice location, plenty of sunny people-watching–not that Main Street Templeton is exactly a PARADE, but still. There’s also quite a bit of…

Resty Gossip 4.8.22

New sandwich shop in Morro Bay: Gilligans or something, also a new Chinese spot–which I may have to seek out because the one Chinese resty we DO have is one of the worst I’ve ever had and even better: Morro Bay’s reigning self-appointed foodie dip-tard HATES the new one. So I MUST visit. Across the…