Restaurant Gossip 8.10.18

Shin’s Poke is open on Pomeroy in Pismo.

In one of the strangest business plans I’ve ever attempted to follow, Mattie’s is closed in Pismo, will be torn down and reopen in a new hotel being built on the spot in 1 year. #takingbets #dothemath

The curs-ed corner location on Higuera in SLO most recently occupied by Spencer Makenzie’s has a dumpster parked and sign is down.

That brand new place in West Village Cambria that was like California Roadhouse or something is now Mimosas, which is intriguing, but based on the last menu I’m not holding my breath.

VIET KITCHEN and SM Brewing Company going into that newly remodeled Center at Skyway and Broadway in Orcutt.

There’s a brand new Korean food truck in the area called Seoulfood805. Their meanderings and lunch spots about the area are fairly easy to follow on social media. They will be at the musical event this weekend in Ramona Park in Grover Beach. They promised me banchan.

Thai Bounty in Morro Bay is becoming a Cuban restaurant.

Have you been to Jeffrey’s Wine Country BBQ in Paso Robles yet?

Have you been to BRUNCH in Paso Robles yet? (old side-door bistro spot downtown)

Chipotle is closing in SLO

Sconos is open in the village of AG.

I honestly don’t know how long this has been a thing, but there’s a Leo’s Cafe open in Dallas Holt’s old 10th Street Bistro place in San Miguel.

Don’t don’t forget Baywood Tavern is open in the old Baywood brew pub in Los Osos, and it’s good!

Did you hear Pico Los Alamos put in a *tiny people only* section????!?!? Can you imagine what the kid’s menu at Pico looks like? Most of the kids I’ve seen at Pico wouldn’t want a kids menu.

The French Country Bakery in Atascadero on El Camino Real is now Atascadero Bistro.

Central Coast Cafe is open in the colony District of Atascadero on Traffic Way.

Bistro Laurent in Paso Robles is now BL Brasserie.

Petit Paris is open from the Lotus folks in Mission Mall San Luis Obispo.

Mint + Craft is doing another one of their community suppers August 22 and this one is vegan! These are awesome little things that sell out so don’t miss out.

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