Comfort Market

THE CENTRAL COAST RESTAURANTS LIST Third visit to COMFORT MARKET in Arroyo Grande. What a gem.  I think the combination of source-store–with a lot of the interesting ingredients–with resty is wonderful.  You see people pick things up and talk about them.  And food SHOULD be a conversation.  Of course, none of the from-scratch items are…

Resty edit

Chop Street Pismo to ♦♦ after dinner visit.  It is a really really really nice place but dinner selection just does not merit a higher grade, the texture of the Hanger was odd and the slob waitress could not pour wine.

I Like Poke

This is an interesting article.  And I have eaten at exactly ONE.  Do Poke Shack.  Several times.  I would have given it MAAAAAYBEEEE  ♦♦♦  Maybe. Probably ♦♦.  But the food is good, there’s no doubt.  Just…. ambience is dreadful, ordering is awkward, seating is miserable.  Look it up if you’re even Kona.

Chop Street

Got into Chop Street. Very nice since the remodel. And a good friend as hung artist. Ordering is a little bit awkward–especially for someone unfamiliar with the menu and trying to absorb everything. And there is a lot to absorb. Someone put a lot of thought (or market research… or consulting…) into this place–and it…