Chop Street

Got into Chop Street. Very nice since the remodel. And a good friend as hung artist. Ordering is a little bit awkward–especially for someone unfamiliar with the menu and trying to absorb everything. And there is a lot to absorb. Someone put a lot of thought (or market research… or consulting…) into this place–and it shows. I like how ‘appetizers’ has been re-badged “Street Food”. Hipster… I suppose… Trendy… definitely. But I think the ‘education-factor’ for the general public is very important–relating finger-food to various cultures. I suppose ‘Tater-Tots’ is supposed to represent the USA?!?! Anyway… we made our selections a quickly as we could digest the menu, as they were quite busy and everything seemed to be at somewhat of a complete halt while one of the waiters stood and waited to input our order (at counter). I took a menu back tot he table to study further. I promised myself not to allow my disposition for counter-ordering factor into my opinion. Very interesting wine list. Short, concise and well-thought-out with basically none of the miserable usual suspects which blight most resty lists around here. Poutine is one of the most disgusting dishes ever created. Fortunately, the version served here has about 1/4 the sodium, the fries are crisp and lovely and the topping more ‘sauce’ than ‘gravy’. Also ordered the Chop Street burger–which is rare for me because I like burgers without cheese and with lettuce and tomato–but, I decided to let the chef do it his way. This one is arugula and fig jam with Gorgonzola. The pattie was the most hand-formed, natural-looking thing I have ever seen in a restaurant. This thing DID NOT come from Sysco. Oval, egg-shaped–just like you get at a back-yard BBQ and thick and raw in the middle–just HEAVEN. Run down ya arms and drip off ya elbows! There was no way I could possibly eat the whole thing–that with the side salad and also ordering a cone of the above-average fries. A well-above average obscure Santa Barbara Syrah/Grenache was a welcome addition. I can’t wait to go back to try dinner.

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