Taco Updates 7.7

Keep finding new places to taco, and I’ve been bad about updating THE TAQUERIA LIST.

EL RINCON OAXAQUENO Santa Maria (S) lands on the list at ♦♦ It’s alright.

TACO MAFIA San Miguel I ate at probably almost a year ago and somehow never included it. It’s *ok* they’re just really big and fairly boring. The former taqueria at this address was SO MUCH AWESOMER. Hell, the market was better. ♦

ANGELES de PUEBLA Santa Maria (S) ♦♦♦ Holy crap is this place wonderful, in a forgotten spot we all drive by that’s been lots of things. REAL rotisserie al pastor in a sit-down joint. I’ve eaten here at least once a week for the past 6.

Of COURSE the talk of the town is TACOS EL TIZON freshly opened in San Luis Obispo in the MOST FAMOUS TACO BELL IN THE WORLD (< ya you can google that). After suffering through TWO DECADES of there not being a decent taco between Grover and Atascadero, El Tizon decides to open their #3 location in SLO (#1 Lompoc #2 Santa Maria) ♦♦♦

The boys at Guerrero have opened TAQUERIA GUERRERO #3 down in Orcutt. Sorry I can not find a page to support the new locations, this directs you to the Main St. spot. I have not eaten here, but their other two locations each have ♦♦♦, and I can’t imagine it different. Real rotisserie al pastor. (The real reason I haven’t eaten here is because Angleles de Puebla is just a couple clicks up the road and it is a STRONG ♦♦♦, whereas Guerrero is a very WEAK ♦♦♦) (No, I am not going to a 100pt scale)

Speaking of multiple locations, ACAPULCO #5 is still slated to open up on Laurel in SLO “Spring 2018”. mmmhmmm

Reiterating a couple new items from my last update: You really should try DANIELS in Atascadero. Weird location–CRAZY location–I had NO IDEA this was there, but it’s good. Also, the gas station in Cayucos has been down-graded to ♦♦. Something’s happened there, and I don’t like it.

What else. That’s it. On my radar for soon-tries: An additional place in Los Osos–is it San Miguel Market? Gotta try that. Also the Boni’s brick & mortar up by the lumber yard in Cambria. La Salsa Market in Shandon is on a short-list but I never get out that way. There are others too on my list, my BIGGEST problem with experiments right now is EL TIZON and ANGELES! These two places are convenient to all my work and SO DAMN GOOD! I just don’t go anywhere else.

Here’s the full list, North-to-South: THE TAQUERIA LIST Bookmark it, don’t leave home without it! It’s always there, top right corner on the full web version and in the pull-down on mobile. You don’t have to go scrolling through blog-posts to find it OR The Restaurant List.

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Don’t forget to eat.


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