Restaurant Gossip 7.1

IMG_20180620_190748.jpgSCONOS Arroyo Grande in the Comfort Market location opening at end of week–ignore the current hours up on the FB page.
LE PETITE PARIS San Luis Obispo in Mission Mall one week?!?!?!
EMBER Arroyo Grande brunch/bistro place next door (to Ember) bogged down in construction issues.
ROSALINA Santa Margarita bogged down in construction issues also but close.
Streetside Ale House and Guest House Grill people taking over ARTISAN in Paso Robles.
SOUTHERN STATION in Santa Margarita has a new owner and is becoming a sports bar too.
Oh, and the old Thomas Hill Organic location in San Luis Obispo is also becoming a sports bar.

Not much gossip this week, so how about we re-hash a BUNCH of recent openings. OMG there’s so many:
NORMAN at Skyview Los Alamos has ironed out its chef issues, has the chef from Flatbread now and is off and running. Attended a media/friends Open House last week and the place is just stunning. (and 99$/night for SYV locals weekdays with proof).
BROAD STREET PUBLIC HOUSE in SLO where the Wine Shed was on South Broad.
BRUNCH. PASO ROBLES is open in the old Next Door Bistro at the cheese shop.
NAUTICAL COWBOY is open for dinner every day in the ground floor of The Carlton Hotel in Atascadero.
BAYWOOD TAVERN is open in the old Baywood Ale House location in Los Osos.
CENTRAL COAST CAFE is open behind Grape Encounters in Atascadero.
ATASCADERO BISTRO is open on El Camino Real by the gun shop, Kalifornia Tanz, across from DANIELS.
JEFFERY’S WINE COUNTRY BBQ is open in Paso Robles.  I ate there today, it is quite nice.
There’s a new wine bar in Old Orcutt called VINI D’AMICI. (I don’t think Ihave that name quite right).
BELL’S has a sign up! (Jaime’s old place Bell Street Market). Everything’s changed and it is lovely (yes, I’ve eaten there).  I loved Bell Street, but hate sandwiches, and they do not play as large a part as the new iteration.
THE MARK is open downtown SLO at the old Marstons place.
It’s not even a rumor anymore: Kari Ziegler from Comfort Market has taken over as GM, chef, and wine director at STAX WINE BAR & BISTRO in Morro Bay and although I already loved this place, tweaks to the positive are obvious all over the place.
The Gus’s Grocery people have completely revitalized SPIRIT OF ST. LUIS in the brand new terminal at San Luis Obispo airport.
Did you know there’s a restaurant called ENOTECA at the Bella Serra Inn & Suites at the corner of 46 and 101 in front of OSH in Paso??? I didn’t until last week.
BEACH BURGER is open in Morro Bay in that wonderful waterfront spot at the South end of Embarcadero where D’Stasio’s and Hof Brau were.
The Spoon Trade’s GROVER BEACH SOURDOUGH is open in Grover City.
PARDON MY FRENCH BAKERY is open in Grover City about 15th street (behind Taco Bell)

Bookmark this page and the next time you’re doing that whole “Where do you want to go?” I don’t know, where do you want to go? “I don’t care, where do you want to go?” thing, pull it up and try something new.

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