Cass House Grill [memoriam]

CASS HOUSE GRILL  Cayucos   No one restaurant causes more confusion than Cass House Grill. Most old-timers register it with stuffy old prix fixe meals of astounding quality and high prices. But this is NOT the Cass House you all remember. Jensen is gone, there are new owners, and the entire property has been re-worked into three distinct situations: The Inn, The Grill, and The Bakery. The new grill is completely re-built in an out-door curtain-wall style with bar surrounding an open wood-fired kitchen. The bar seats are the BEST, allowing a full-on dinner-show of the well-oiled kitchen machine.  The food served is fresh and alive and exquisite in presentation and quality. Salads to die for and entrees putting everything else to shame. EVERYTHING is open wood-fired, and despite its rusticity in theory, this is serious tweezer-food. An attention to detail is something they build into their chefs and I have never had a dish anywhere even approaching sub-average at this restaurant. Winelist curated by full-time somm and reflects the best of the region. I run into SOOO many people who have not experienced Cass House lately because they think it is the old Cass House and nothing could be further from the truth. Not to detract from the Cass House of old, THIS is the new hot spot in North County. I can’t think of anything Paso–or otherwise–which comes close the the perfection this place serves. Every plate is a piece of art, and the staff FAR above average.

This segment was originally included in and removed upon closure mid-2019.


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  1. derindagates says:

    Really sad they re now only open for breakfast, every early lunch. Regardless, extremely limited menu!

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