Resty Gossip 12.11

Margherita Pizza FLOUR HOUSE SLO

Today is THE LAST brunch at THE CARRISA until at LEAST January 15. Christmas is on Sunday, New Year’s is on Sunday, and the entire SLO Brew organization takes off Jan 2 thru 9. Also: only FOUR MORE DAYS OF Christmas at the Carrisa!!! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and THAT’S IT FOREVER.

Umi Sushi Morro Bay lost their alcohol license. Not sure what’s going on there but I no eat sushi without sake–and their sake list was well above average. I guess it’s called UMI SUSHI & SAKE for a reason. EDIT: 12.15 they have it back–not sure what happened there.

Lure Fish House told me August 2023. Definitely taking their grand time on that one. Interesting… “seafood” in SLO. ummm–FINALLY?

Andrea’s On Pine closed. One of my favorite restaurants in Paso Robles and landed on many of my Top-lists.

Burger and Fries LIL HUT Morro Bay

Venne Vecchia Vai 199 or whatever in Paso Market Walk opens this weekend. Can’t wait to try the new oven. It’s a beauty. Hopefully they can cook with it, unlike the one in SLO Public Market.

An ABC transfer in Bear and the Wren window. Another train-wreck resty in the Creamery. Starting to sound familiar, no? Also ABC transfer (yellow) in Finney’s. Pretty sure the gamer place at the end of Higuera is open.

OT: Wednesday Adams is the dumbest thing written for 9YO girls I’ve ever watched. And now every girl on IG thinks she’s Jenna Ortega.

This is my coffee from Illy Iperespresso pod machine and it’s better than your Nespresso by FAR.

All 9 of the new Mexican restaurants in MB are open and I will not be going into any of them. Actually walked in to La Felicia or whatever the other day for lunch. SOOOOOO many grigo boomers. Just: NO. Rice & Beans with your tacos??? Go away.

Only 2 more weeks of Christmas at the Carrisa. But brunch will continue. There was a 50-person line at the door upon opening this past Sunday and wait-times up to 3 hours. This should tell you something.

Pretty sure Flour House makes the best Margherita in the county. Sat at the bar the other night during the deluge watching the rest of the street black out and pounded one. No, it’s not burnt. Those black bubbles are cotton-candy soft. Wait til you see the Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake with Spumoni. Had GIUSEPPE’S Margherita yesterday and can confirm: Flour House is better. My ranking in town RN:
Palo Mesa Wood Fired (not in town)
Flour House
SLO STILLS (fri-sat-sun only +monday members)
Brasserie SLO (inconsistency issues here)
Torricella (just weird)
Giuseppe’s Cucina Rustica (crust and cheese issues)

Le Lechon LUNA LLENA Morro Bay

Chef Antonio’s pop-up at Park is a complete non-event–but! it’s only 55$ so if you’re into mediocre, inconsistent Italian food with bad somm-dork wine selections and untrained staff, knock yourself out. Also: find some Italian wines.

I finally had the African stew at Veg on the Edge in SLO public market. It’s frickin amazing. Still gotta try the Ethiopian place out at The Kitchen Terminal.

The Le LEchon Mojado at Luna Llena is the most wonderful thing slammed between two pieces of bread I have ever eaten.

ROSS downtown is becoming a public market. Of course, in order for this to happen we will need to start *relocating* the ridonculous bum-problem downtown because THEY RUIN EVERYTHING and I am convinced SLO’s homeless are the most bat-shit crazy of any town I have visited.

BBQ Chicken wraps STAXXX WINE BAR Morro Bay

Burrata is making a come-back. Once classified as “mozzarella for assholes” and soooo overdone, I’m seeing it pop back up sparingly on various dishes and not angry about it anymore. Now Roasted Brussell’s Sprouts: OVER THAT SHIT. STOP IT. And I love Brussell’s sprouts. They way they smell up a resty too…..

NOURISH is now NEXT DOOR. I guess this is the lunch-time Granada: order at Next Door and eat in the patio next door. Little wine-shop in there too, and you KNOW Kimberly picks great wines.

Nate’s Michelin bib gourmand makes me weep for society. See: mediocre italian food above. I mean…. of ALLLLLL the wonderful or even marginally-wonderful Italian joints in the area, HOW on earth??? Il Cortile DESTROYS Nate’s. Hell, Giuseppie’s can on a good day. Was Buona Tavola out sick????


There’s a vulture in the tree outside Fuego. Listen: I’s gots some advice for anyone trying to make banh-mi or Cubano: just go to Food-4-Less and get the bolillo. End of conversation. That’s all you need to do to step your game up 10,000%. If you’re not making your sandwiches–yes, I mean hoagies too–on bolillo, you are losing the game. You didn’t even know they all had their own bakeries in the back making everything from scratch EVERY DAY did you. Their baguettes are better than 90% of bakeries around here. Only La Parisienne is better.

Buttercup Bakery has their sign up in SLO, and it kinda looks open. Lemme know.

There’s a coffee shop apparently now open to the public in the former hipster-campus at the old Dodge Dealership in SLO. Drove by slowly yesterday and still don’t see it, but gotta try it. Forget the name…

Mattei’s DON’T TRY TO FIND MATTIES Tavern is open. But it’s an Auberge property now so I can’t afford it.

I want to go to Buckhorn. Have you been since the re-opening? Quite the little place down there they’ve got now. Wonder what the rooms go for.

Guiseppe’s Eggplant Parmesiano is still the best I’ve ever had. And I hate eggplant Parmesan. Had to order Flour House’s the other day just to see. It’s really really good there, but Giuseppe’s is slightly better.

That’s it i’m done there’s a bunch more but I forgotten it all ready.

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