A few days ago, someone told our most-prominent local food writer she wasn’t a real critic because she doesn’t review chains. So for the entire staff over at AM920 KVEC: Nice crispy tostada shell, definitely fried this morning in fresh oil, a little heavier shmear of beans than ‘corporate’ advises, but they have definitely rested and been re-fried in proper fashion. Lettuce FAR lighter than the manual states–these things are basically supposed to be one huge mound of iceberg–but crisp, cold and fresh. Cheese with good fat content, fluffy and flavorful, not greasy or powdery as is occasionally seen. Tomatoes bright and flavorful. Sauce of good consistency and temperature, delicately placed and not running off. Cashier was prompt, courteous, familiar with the company product line, made proper change and spelled my name right. Sub-3-minute service times means this location is working smoothly. Expediter handled my food with respect and pronounced ‘Steve’ correctly. Someone crammed the napkins in too tight and they were difficult to extract and also sporks were stocked in BOTH the “sporks” and “forks” bins. The bubble-gum pop in the dining room was not offensive and a respectable volume. The Mountain Dew was blended at a perfect syrup ratio and the ice machine flowed smoothly and dispensed the exact right amount in my cup. No annoying rugrats–or their tweaker moms–were in the dining room, although there was a nacho-box sticking out of one of the trash cans and the table I selected had a ¼” long piece of cheese in the corner. The handrail outside the West entrance could use some paint. I would definitely eat here again and recommend you try it soon while there’s still a few days left in the July menu!

Click here for the full Soifeats Taco list.

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