Resty Updates 9.10

Lots of things to add to THE RESTAURANT LIST:

HAPY BISTRO in Pismo Beach whole-heartedly added at ♦♦ for their plate-licking renditions of Greek and Meditteranean food.  Wine-list passable.

Re-visited MARISOL in Shell Beach for dinner after a) a long absence and b) an embarrassingly bad lunch experience.  The memory of the lunch has thankfully been erased and they are upgraded to ♦♦ and the winelist is really REALLY nice–especially the old Syrahs. (sorry, the resty is entirely too dark to take pictures suitable for publication)

Finally got into SIX TEST KITCHEN in Arroyo Grande.  Although I wasn’t blown away, it is a dining experience I would recommend quite readily to any “foodie”.  And remember, “Our dishes aren’t geared toward red wine.”  Added to guide at ♦

Pismo Beach’s newest resty, MATTIE’S BAR AND EATERY also hitting the list at  ♦

BYBLOS MEDITTERANEAN GRILL in Atascadero is cranking out reasonably authentic, good quality versions of the usual suspects.  This is in the old FIG GOOD FOOD location in the unbelievably-booming Colony District of Atascadero–home to an amazing group of shops and eating-and-drinking establishments added almost monthly.  Added to list at ♦

Right around the corner is a FABULOUS excuse to re-write my TOP 5 BREW PUBS OF SLO : STREET SIDE ALE HOUSE in Atascadero. Food and service was WAY above average and they are hitting the list HARD at ♦♦  Winelist just slightly better than the standard rule of despicable wine-lists at brewpubs.


LAS CAZUELAS in Nipomo added at ◊
MERCADO Y CARNICERIA SU MESA in North Santa Maria added at a very nice ♦♦
LOS BERROS MARKET in Arroyo Grande a salty, greasy  ♦
MONY’S MEXICAN in Santa Barbara *just* squeaking in at ♦♦

And yes–you noticed the difference–after fighting the awkward formats and un-usable apps of BLOGGER for 4 or 5 years, I have converted over to WORDPRESS and I would suggest anyone looking to put their thoughts on a public format to just START there and not fall for BLOGGER’S initial ease.  It is NOT worth it.  So there will be some hiccups… some links will be broken… some re-directs may take you to the old site.  I apologize, but believe me: it’s worth it!  Hopefully within a few hours everything will all be directed to the proper and all will be good and at some point I will delete the BLOGGER site even though there are several hundred thousand clicks attached to it.

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