Taco updates 2.29

wp-1583026850570.jpgDid a little housekeeping on THE TACO LIST. Remember, it is always on the front page of eatdrink101.com right there at the top. You don’t know how often people say, “Where is the taco list?” or ask me to sent them a link and it is right there at the top, in front, all the time. And if you can’t remember eatdrink101, just put “Steve McConnell taco list” into your bar and google will find it instantly.

◊◊ No No
◊ No
♦ Maybe
♦♦ Definitely
♦♦♦ Always

CHINELO’S MEXICAN FOOD in Morro Bay added at ♦♦♦ and Arianna’s deleted.

MORRO DELI in the Sinclair gas station Morro Bay gets a ♦♦ only because of the soggy tortillas.

LA TAPATIA #2 (13th Street) Grover Beach boosted from ◊ to ♦♦♦ because everything has changed, rotisserie installed, and the tortillas are interesting. Grilled onions added, which is a little weird, but…

TACOS EL VIEJON Morro Bay added at ◊

AGAVE GRILL Nipomo got a big fat ♦

LA VILLA RESTAURANTE y PANADERIA in north Santa Maria landed an impressive ♦♦

LA CASITA Grover Beach proudly captures the only ◊◊ I have handed out in a long while.

Since GARDENS OF AVILA and LUNA RED are both on here now, I figured it was only fair to include LA ESQUINA TAQUERIA, whose fluffed-up little fusion things earned an equal ♦ as the other two $$$ spots.

PANADARIA MARTINEZ Paso Robles earns an immediate ♦♦♦ in its debut on the list, tieing with La Reyna which I have been hearing things about and will have to revisit soon.

Also hitting the list at ♦♦♦ congrats to LA PARILLA in Atascadero.

CAYUCOS GAS STATION & DELI down-graded to ♦ and will be coming off the 200 MILES OF TACOS short-list.

All links in last: THE TAQUERIA LIST <<<bookmark it

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