SLO Public Market v5.2

Been drawing a lot of parallels in my mind–along with other foodies–and finally sat down and put it on paper. Curious how the new SLO Public Market stacks up against similar destinations in wine country? Here’s a little black & white for you. As you can see, there is nothing–and I mean literally NOTHING–for foodies to be excited about here. There’s no restaurants. There’s no wine. There’s no FOOD. But hey: there’s “lifestyle clothing” and cupcakes.

I realize both Paso Market Walk and SLO Public Market are actively adding new tenants, it’s just at this juncture the San Luis Obispo version is looking fairly lackluster for those of us into food & wine and who have browsed through other markets. Figueroa Mountain Brewing as the (basically) sole restaurant? Cool story bro. [EDIT 5.3.20 Figueroa Mt. Brewing is no longer a tenant.] Those in the back rows will also notice the 3 special categories I had to add JUST for San Luis Obispo. Not that there’s any hard & fast RULE that says public markets have to be strictly food and beverage… it’s just the way they classically are presented. Oxbow’s got a book-store, so there’s that. Paso’s got a nursery… there’s always outliers. Also kinda in shock Santa Barbara Public Market has no coffee. Napa actually has two, as Model Bakery of course performs that service. The other obvious double-entry is Fig Mt. in the *brewery* column. As an aside, if you are ever in the Napa-proper area, do NOT skip taking a cruise through Oxbow Market. It is literally fucking DISNEYLAND for gourmets.

We ask that mall-walkers please keep to the right.


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