ALEX vs. Hoppe’s

So many people I talk to still have not heard Hoppe’s Bistro in Cayucos closed last weekend.  Was it that far off SLO/5-Cities people’s dining radar? Might say something about why it closed.  It is interesting to contrast the wailing and gnashing of teeth going on all week on social media and continuing today over the closing of the embarrassment which is ALEX last night with the couple tiny blurbs a week ago and… nothing… really… else… on the sad sad shuttering of HOPPE’S BISTRO last night.  Locations notwithstanding, I am trying hard not to derive conclusions from this comparison which could lead to even more angst towards the local dining-community and, obviously, what drives our dining choices in this area.  This town needs an enema.  The decades of lowest-common-denominator soft-balling and a mid-western mentality on dining HAS to go.

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