Graze Kitchen

Finally got into GRAZE. Bright, airy, the totally exposed kitchen give a bit of cafeteria-feel but thankfully we don’t have to slide our trays down the bars. At first cruise through the menu I thought I had stumbled into a vegetarian restaurant but going back over it noticed fairly obvious bits of meat tucked in here and there (Chicken, Burger, BLT…) Wine BTG menu serviceable. We ordered the cheese plate–Let me preface that a little: We order a lot of cheese plates. My daughters are both addicted to them and somewhat like carpaccio at an Italian place or maguro at a sushi-joint, cheese plates can be an interesting litmus. We pretty much have a running *Cheese-Plate-List* complete with scores and hierarchy for LOTS of restaurants all over CA. OK, so anyway… The cheese plate at Graze was wonderful. Loaded with the lower-end of usual suspects and very generous for the price, however one rarity: Not a crumb of starch/carb on the plate. Nary a cracker, toast, bread, nothing. Not the first time I have been served one like this, but definitely somewhat unusual. I feel kinda bad even lightly complaining about this because I am the KING of making fun of mid-westerners and their piles and piles of bread with every meal. But about halfway through the cheese-plate we looked at each other and both said, “Man, a little something… ANYTHING, a table-water… hell a couple Wheat-Thins! would be nice right now”–just SOMETHING to balance the cheese. The couscous salad was perfect–lovely flavours and fresh. The “Local Fruit Salad” was very nice. I put that in their quotes because we both kinda laughed and were, like, Dude, what is ‘local’?!? This is the Central Coast. EVERYTHING is local: 365! The BLT was interesting in that it came with a spicy aioli on the bread. It was quite good, just the first couple bites were somewhat shocking–NOT a classic BLT flavour-profile at all. Service was a little cloying: the waitress seriously was there every 2 minutes and someone had taught her ‘Chit-chat’ = ‘Service’. I am a little torn even mentioning this because, well, look at their location! I’ve dined with Clovis many times and am well aware how often the waters need filled and ‘Miss, can we get more bread?’ and how they want their food RIGHT NOW and the bill immediately afterwards. So probably erring on the side of attention is acceptable for 99% of their clientele. Along those lines: BOY it SHORE was an amazing people-watching venue out those big windows to HWY 1 and the sidewalk in front of the Cinnamon-Roll place. Wow. Just WOW! Anyway… great new place. Everyone should try it. Bright, positive energy, everything is crunchy and moist and fresh and vibrant. I wish them the best of luck.

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