Two Bad Taco Additions 10.13


TORTILLERIA MEXICO in North Santa Maria.  I have enjoyed the South Santa Maria location of this restaurant many times–not stellar tacos, but serviceable–but the North location seems to serve slightly different food.  The tacos were filled with grainy, dyed-red cubes of meat–classic al Pastor style #1–and the tortillas gummy and doughy and felt undercooked.  There are so many amazing taco places within a 5- or 6-block radius of this place, there is no need to stoop to this style of taco.  Added to list at ◊

EL PUEBLITO RESTAURANT  A North Santa Maria stalwart and honestly, I think tacos are not their strong suit.  This is a full-on Mexican restaurant very reminiscent of full-on Mexican restaurants in Mexico.  Of course, lots of beans & rice and everything smothered in sauces.  Live mariachi, even!  Not recommended for tacos.   ◊

TACO PIX: @805eats


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