Taco Additions 4.20


GARCIA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT Atascadero added at a stellar ♦♦  FINALLY a place for tacos in Atascadero.  I have long disparaged this town for its plethora of Mexican Restaurants–and the complete horridness of all of them.  Seriously, if you want to experience the worst Mexican food on the planet, hit up any of the places in Atascadero.. UNTIL NOW!!! Garcia’s is absolutely stunning from top to bottom.  Tacos perfect, horchata handmade and perfect, great little cozy spot and decent salsa bar.  One caveat: the tacos come with a slather of guacamole in them, which bugged me at first but works quite well.  Finally, there are tacos between Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles.

ORALE TAQUERIA Paso Robles added at a mind-blowing ♦♦  I say mind-blowing because this new spot on the park smack-dab in the middle of wine-tourist gringo-country, all plush and new and bright and shiny and full of white people and their children was–for all appearances–headed for certain disaster in the taco department.  Oh how wrong I was.  Everything prepared perfectly!  WELL above average and as far as sit-down taquerias go, this is my new spot in Paso Robles.  Highly recommended.

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