Edits and Additions


HARMONY CAFE added at  ♦♦  even though *closed because he is a very talented chef and opening a new resty soon in Cambria.
INDUSTRIAL EATS Buellton added at  ♦♦  Really one to watch.  Great service and excellent house-prepared food-stuffs.  Innovative menu and interesting wine.  I don’t think I’ve ever given a counter-ordering resty this high of marks.
OLD VILLAGE GRILL Arroyo Grande added at  ♦  Good, standard fare.  Boring fries.  Good in a pinch.
OLD STONE STATION Cambria added at  ♦  Mildly interesting menu, decent service, boring winelist.  doesn’t suck.
BOB’S WELL BREAD Los Alamos added at  ♦   Honestly just wasn’t blown away despite the buzz.  It is really quite good.  Will definitely try again.  He makes a MEAN baguette.
GARLANDS Grover Beach added at  ♦  Barely escapes the ◊ for being quite filthy and obnoxious staff but really quite a darling greasy spoon dump and burgers identical to In & Out.  Average fries.
PLAZA BISTRO Sonoma added at ♦♦  Really great food, nice atmosphere, excellent service and decent wine list.
LA ARCADA BISTRO Santa Barbara added at  ♦♦  A very pleasant lunch-time spot and always argue between this and ANDERSEN’S next door since MIMOSA* closed.
PETRO’S Santa Barbara added at  ♦♦♦  A fabulous dining experience, with a great family staff and wonderful wines.  Food nearly perfect.  Everything amazing.
SIDECAR San Luis Obispo added at  ♦♦  I feel this the best of the downtown drags for lunch.  Menu well-planned and nicely-presented.  BTG list always intrigues.  The BEST FRENCH FRIES IN THE COUNTY.
PAPI’S GRILL Pismo Beach added at  ♦  even though only eaten there twice and they have some bugs to work out.  I feel once they hit their stride it could merit a ♦♦ lunch-spot.  Food is excellent.
TAO ASIAN FUSION Pismo Beach added at  ♦♦  because everything is prepared at a level far exceeding expectations and service is admirable.  A resty like this is a welcome addition to our boring mix of Thai and Sushi seemingly everywhere.
THE FIG CAFE & WINEBAR Glen Ellen added at ♦♦♦  Incredible winelist, fabulous service, amazing food.  Really nearly perfect.

FOOD PIX:  @ccrestaurantreport



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