Resty Edits and Additions to The List


Added OCEAN GRILL Avila Beach at ♦♦  Well done, good service, Interesting winelist, food excellent.

Lowered CHOP STREET Pismo Beach to ♦  because lunch-time ordering logistics are so awkward, wine list has become boring, food still excellent.

Added EUREKA! San Luis Obispo which had been forgotten somehow even though I have probably eaten there 4 or 5 times since it opened.  Most likely because *hamburger joint*  *televisions*  and *clovis-people*.  Food decent.  Service adequate.  Good in a pinch.  ♦  Never a first choice.

Added SULA MEDITERRANEAN KITCHEN  Santa Maria  at  ♦♦  Excellent choices, Iraqi-owned.  Plus Turkish coffee.

Got into the new JAFFA location on Monterey St. San Luis Obispo.  Everything miserably salty.  Almost inedible.  ◊


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