5.27.15 edits and additions


26 BEACH  Venice Beach  Dropped to  ◊  from  ♦♦  a shocking down-grade, I know, but it deserves every bit.  Something has happened.  The two-sided board menu and separate winelist has changed to a 7-or-8-page laminated menu with a tiny selection (9 or 10 reds) of the most boring, disgusting wine imaginable.  Seriously, JLohr Merlot is the nicest bottle on the list.  (and I love JLohr, BTW, it’s just….).  I am almost POSITIVE they had a full bar before, but are now just wine & beer.  It has gone from an above-average regular visit of mine to somewhere I can’t POSSIBLY dine–and right in the middle of Venice’s amazing resty growth.

ZINQUE  Venice Beach added at  ♦♦  Great winelist, casual atmosphere, great staff and just enough France to make me really comfortable.  We did a wide range of small plates, and will return.



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