BOTTLE NIGHT Winelist Specials

Many restaurants proud of their wine-lists have a weekly special allowing exploration of the cellar for a deep discount.  I have made a list of restaurants on the Central Coast who have made these Wine Discount Specials apparent to me.  These specials are often not advertised heavily,  and sometimes are discontinued during special dates, heavy traffic, or ‘Restaurant Month’ so calling ahead and confirming with your reservation is always a good idea.

BUONA TAVOLA  San Luis Obispo  Wednesday 50% off bottles under $100
GRANADA BISTRO  San Luis Obispo  Wednesday 50% off bottles under $100
KOBERL AT BLUE  San Luis Obispo  Sunday 50% off all bottles
LIDO at DOLPHIN BAY  Pismo Beach  Monday 50% off bottles under $100
LUNA RED  San Luis Obispo  Wednesday 30% off bottles
MONTRIO BISTRO  Monterey  Sunday 50% off all bottles
CAFE ROMA  San Luis Obispo Tuesday 50% all bottles
BUONA TAVOLA  Paso Robles  Wednesday 50% off bottles under $100
VILLA CREEK  Paso Robles Wednesday 50% off
WEHO BISTRO  West Hollywood  Wednesday 50% all bottles with 2 entree purchase

In addition, some Central Coast restaurants use a ‘No Corkage’ policy to promote wine-friendly dining.

CIOPINOT SEAFOOD GRILLE  San Luis Obispo  No Corkage
GARDENS OF AVILA  Avila Beach  No Corkage for LOCAL bottles not on list
LIDO at DOLPHIN BAY  Pismo Beach  No Corkage first two bottles
CUSTOM HOUSE Avila Beach no corkage local bottles

I know there are many, many more.  If you know of a restaurant in 805, 310, or 831 with a decent winelist who has a ‘Bottle Night’ or corkage specials like these, please let me know at 

Wine pix:  @_soif
Food pix:  @805eats
Twitter: @eatdrinkCA
ello:  @SOIF
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