60 PARK–Morro Bay

60 PARK Morro Bay. Those who read this blog regularly or follow on Instagram will know I plug a couple restaurants in Morro Bay HARD–along with practically a complete avoidance of almost ALL of the rest. I LOVE Morro Bay and, yes: I’m a local. Locals constantly question me, “WHY would you go to Morro Bay?!?” and “Ewwwww, I haven’t been to Morro Bay in YEARS!” I tell them all they are REALLY missing out.
Morro Bay is a wonderful place–even for locals–you merely have to know WHERE and WHEN to go. You need to work around the edges a bit, and yes, there are large areas–especially on weekends–where I do not venture. Where do I go? Everyone knows of my love affair with STAX WINE BAR and BAYSIDE CAFE. Up until THIS blog-post, they are really the only two places I would recommend whole-heartedly–each of them ALWAYS firing on all cylinders in their respective niches. But now there are THREE. This is going to cause a problem for me, clearly complicating my former fairly simple decision between two favorite dining spots.

Old-timers will remember the Restaurant at The Inn at Morro Bay as a rather plush eating-and drinking spot for special occasions, never compromising on style or ambiance. It closed completely a couple years ago and underwent a bit of a remodel–recently re-opening as 60 PARK with a streamlined, well-rounded menu, a full bar, GORGEOUS wine-cellar, and of course: one of the TOP one-or-two views of the bay in town. Open and airy, the focus is now ALL on the sunny outdoors, with a clear shot of the entire estuary–from harbor to backbay–all nestled in against Cormorant Lookout on Windy Cove. And the FOOD is as gorgeous as the view. Food this beautiful seems almost criminal to eat–and all in a quiet, calm restaurant with NO wait a couple blocks from the jostle of the tourist-drag. Am I DREAMING?!?!? No, and eat it you must and immediately all the reasons you used to love The Inn at Morro Bay start coming back. Bottom-line: The restaurant at Inn At Morro Bay is back open, ready for business and as stunning as ever. You NEED to put this on your list.

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