SLO Resty Gossip 11.26.17

Panolivo in Paso Robles closed. I guess everybody’s probably heard that by now. So sad. one of my favorite restaurants, although I always was concerned about their longevity. That demographic is… Well… but they were there what 17 years? Did I read that?

Mint + Craft, restaurant number 5 and the most recent addition to the novo Luna Red Robins restaurant group is doing these tiny little 25 person pop ups called our local table. find them on Facebook or go to their website and follow along because these things look really fun. I had to miss last month’s but firmly plan on attending the next one. Community table, the whole shebang.

Lannon rust, Spencer Johnson, Chris battles, Amber Butler and a bunch of other local powerhouses are throwing a big napa-sonoma fire relief fundraiser at oyster Ridge up at ancient Peaks. WINE FEAST FOR FIRE RELIEF and it’s going to be epic. get your tickets and info here:

Finally got out to SLOBREW The Rock out by the airport for the first time at a wine tasting last week. Pretty interesting little site. Didn’t eat there but I’m more or less positive with the whole SLO Brew menu and I could see myself eating there.

Creekside brewing in downtown SLO is now Underground Brewing. Didn’t notice too many changes to menu or beverage selection. That poor location.

also haven’t made it out to Seven Sisters brew pub on Short Street or whatever behind Trader Joe’s in SLO but early reviews drifting in are pretty positive. Small-to-medium bites I think.

Giuseppe’s opening after Thanksgiving is the funniest thing I’ve heard all month. Try February.

have you been to Rosalina yet in Santa Margarita? This is a new Mexican themed Watering Hole from The Range people and almost directly across the street from The Range in Santa Margarita.

Pismo Meat Company is opening within a couple weeks of this writing down in Pismo where Grace Kitchen lasted for maybe a year next door to Old West cinnamon roll. This is part of Ash management but the guys are from Austin and seem to be pretty serious about their cuts of meat & BBQ. Place is pretty cool inside… going to be carving right there in front of you and showcasing the process for all to see so look forward to that. Told me they’re not plan on doing serious sit-down dinner. Maybe 11 to 7 or something…

Mattie’s in Pismo has prime rib now.

Black Cat Bistro in Cambria West Village has closed for lunch again.

Indigo moon in Cambria West Village has moved their cheese and wine shop out of the restaurant and into a nice little place next door and are serving small bites there lunch and afternoon until the restaurant opens for dinner. Allegedly they did this 2 years ago, a fact that has somehow escaped me in all of my travels through there.

I keep hearing rumors about a Next Door Bistro remodel and possible enlargement. Love that place! (paso robles)

I keep hearing rumors about a puffers remodel and possible enlargement. Love that place! (pismo beach)

I don’t even know what Pokerito is and I don’t want to. (in Foothill Blvd’s hell-strip of restaurants in SLO)

French Corner Bakery in Cambria has reopened. I guess I need to get to Cambria more often.

Made it into BLONDE, the new restaurant in The Inn at the pier in Pismo Beach. Had a nice meal… Food was on point nothing crazy I mean you have to understand the demographic of this place before you can be too hard on it. This is Middle America through and through here and it’s never going to wow any serious gourmet. Wine list is beyond unbelievably bad, service is hurried and uninformed but it’s a pretty nice setting and what we ordered came out proper and well prepared. Hits the list at ♦️ which is entirely acceptable.

Had a crazy awesome dinner over the Thanksgiving holiday at Vegetable Butcher in downtown SLO. They gave us a 1 hour reservation when the wait at the door was one hour, which is way above and beyond the call of duty. Everything went uphill from there.  Food was lick-your-plate amazing. I took some guests from out of town with rigorous dietary requirements and they were blown away and I was pleased. Service has improved the most. Anything I could possibly want was anticipated practically before I could put words to mouth. Congratulations on losing your your teenage ♦️♦️ from my first three initial visits and welcome to the ♦️♦️♦️ playground. This restaurant is easily the most exciting addition to the San Luis Obispo dining scene that I have seen in probably a decade.

the old caldwell banker building in pismo beach ←watch this place

Papi’s Grill in pismo ←watch this place too

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