TACO LIST additions 12.10.17

A little mini-taco-tour through Salinas last week…

Tico’s Tacos turns out to be a small family chain of sorts.  Oh boy.  Yeah… just don’t go here.  One of the more horrible taco experiences I have stumbled into in recent memory.  Its location nearby 2 of my favorite wine-shops in Salinas made it an easy visit. If you’re fat and white and stupid, this is where you eat Mexican food. End of review.  ◊

Taqueria Jalisco on the East-side of Salinas where Mexican food is a bit more predictable.  Not horrible by any stretch of the imagination, but not exemplary. ♦

Los Grullenses right practically under the 101 in Salinas is one of those places that makes all the taco-exploring worth it.  Dirty little place on a dirt lot in a quite un-pretty part of town.  No matter. Several generations working inside–the parents took my order with much gesturing and more of my bad Spanish–then the teen-age daughter came over and made sure everything had translated properly.  Ordered the usual, but they arrived in a way unfamiliar to me.   Folded over in little rolls, onion and cilantro on the side, more of those irregular, coarse little Oaxacan tortillas, BUT! alongside the marinated pork inside was a thin shmear of refried beans!  I’ve had bean tacos plenty of times, and of course Taco Bell’s Combo Burrito has been around for 40 years, but this was a first for me at a taqueria. No salsa came on the tacos, but was presented with an unlabelled squeeze-bottle containing a bright red liquid and told to “be careful”.  I love this place!  ♦♦


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