Taco Notes SLO 12.15.17

El Matador SLO Is a newer spot in the ever-changing little strip of bro-heavy spots along Chorro Street. I went in here on a fluke (and because I have to try them ALL) and honestly was quite impressed. The tacos are not bad at all! And when I visited, the restaurant was full of Mexicans–local delivery drivers and workmen, all. The Hab salsa is the hottest of its style on the Central Coast. Be careful. ♦♦


Cinco de Mayo SLO Speaking of horrible college bro-areas, I have avoided the location of this restaurant on Santa Rosa for EVER because… well… it’s location. It is housed in the old Taco Bell building–YES, one of those old adobe buildings with the arches and bell from the 70’s and 80’s we all grew up with. There is a particularly famous vintage picture of this location on the web of Creedence Clearwater Revival seated on the front patio of this Taco Bell. I was happily impressed with the tacos. They aren’t bad at all! Better than Tacos de Mexico afross the street or Jalapeno’s up the way. I will probably return. ♦♦

Another Efren’s location is opening early in 2018 up on Laurel in San Luis Obispo in the old Acapulco location. This will be a good addition to the taco scene in SLO. Efren’s isn’t my favorite tacos in the area, but it will be an improvement on the SLO taco scene.

La Esquina Taqueria The Ciopinot people have opened this upscale Mexican place in the Creamery around the corner from the mother restaurant. Have not visited yet, but have to include it because of the name, which bothers me a bit because early pictures and conversations have impressed upon me there is nothing even remotely ‘taco’ about this place. Stay tuned. If there is not reasonable examples of tacos on the menu, it will be removed from the list.

Vegetable Butcher is also another ‘must mention’ as they have a section fo the menu dedicated to tacos. Some vegetarian, some not. Of note, if nothing else. You are NOT going to get al pastor or adobada here, but still… it is fun tacos.


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