Have you been to the new HIGH ST. DELI in Los Osos yet? Baywood, actually. Menu’s a bit different–not quite as large as the midtown location–but has most of the favorites. PLUS–and this is key–a WINE SHOP on site! Yes, there’s a place to buy wine in Los Osos now besides the Shell station and Ralph’s. And it’s a serious wine-shop too. One thing the LO spot does NOT list is my favorite: the Hizenburger. This monster wins for me in TWO categories: a) THE best meatloaf sandwich you’ve ever had in your life and b) quite possibly one of THE best hamburgers in town. Any serious burger-person HAS to try this thing.

Chicken Yakisoba RAKU RAMEN SLO

Across the mud-flats, Candyfloss or Candy Joy or Sea Candy Sushi or something I can’t remember is becoming some kind of *bowl* spot. And a crafty un-pronounceable name accenting that. I highly doubt it will be the Kravabowl model (which I actually like) of smoothie-granola-yogurt creations, but rather–if I were a betting man–following along in the recent craze for that millennial staple: the rice-bowl/poke-bowl thing. It’s next door the old HERMIT CRAB location, which moved around the corner to a larger and far more visible spot between KITTY’S and GRAPE LEAF DELI. The weird thing about this location is the Main St. addy–even though it is 3 or 4 doors up Harbor. I’ve tried a couple of these new ‘bowl’ things a few times–I just can’t grasp it. I LOVE rice, but rice with a bunch of toppings? Can I just get soy sauce? But the main offence? Defrosted cubed raw salmon and tuna do NOT poke make. That’s not poke. Not even close.

Hamachi, maguro, fatty tuna, masago. UMI SUSHI Morro Bay

Anyway… Morro Bay is back to one sushi spot–one that I’m not COMPLETELY in love with, but honestly don’t have any complaints serious enough to even justify THAT statement. I don’t hate UMI–it’s entirely serviceable–above average, even. Haven’t had a single thing bad or unpleasant or poor-flavored or anything. Then why aren’t you in love with it? I dunno… it’s not Harada? That’s a super-lame reason, McConnell. Then why do you hate it? I DON’T HATE IT!! Then why don’t you like it? I don’t dis-like it. I’ve been three times. If I disliked it, I would never have gone the third time. It’s perfectly good sushi. There’s nothing inherently WRONG with this sushi. The masago is perfect, the maguro a bit bland, Hamachi, toro and saba always wonderful. Couple of my vegetarian favorites don’t seem to be on the menu: inari and daikon-sprout, but I’ve run into that one many times, and they are typically available. Come to think of it, masago’s not on the menu either, but they make it without a blink. Had a beautiful spider roll last visit–they call it something else. Service is still has some rough spots, but minor things…

Across the street at what will eventually be SLAPPIES CHOWDER HOUSE, the Blue Sky Bistro sign is still up and I popped in to PISMO’S CHOWDER HOUSE the other day *just* to see what that menu looked like. Yeah… ummm… If THIS is what the Morro Bay location will be, it will guarantee me never visiting.

Did I hear KITTYS in Morro Bay sold? and closed? Wow. That’ll leave a mark. Had a few decent diner-burgers there!

Adobada Tacos MORENO’S TACOS Pismo Beach

Got into MORENO’S TACOS in Pismo Beach again. So nice to have good tacos in that part of town. Interestingly, they list their marinated pork on the menu AS abodaba, which is what 90% of the “al pastor” served around here actually is. Nice to see the accuracy. LOVE the yellow-corn tortillas–always had a soft spot for them.

Anybody been to LOKUM yet? Keep driving by but haven’t had a chance to stop in yet. Looks inviting, and I’m curious if there is more than just coffee and baklava.

Across the street, CARISSA–in addition to doing special events–is open regularly for Thursday Night Market, with music, drinks and a menu of not-just-tacos from CORAZON 805. Gotta check that out.

Speaking of tacos, RUDDELL’S is closing after a billion years. You KNOW this was the original TACO TEMPLE, right? And you can still see the old sign hanging in the back patio area of Beads & More?–I think it’s called–downtown Morro Bay. I know a lot of people devastated over that one. Me… not so much.

I’ll leave you with some snapshots around town.

Eat your vegetables and lay off the salt.

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