Resty Gossip 9/11

A-TOWN DINER is back. And if I cared I’d look up the name of it for you.

Beet Salad THE OLD ALEHOUSE Los Osos

HEMMINGWAY’S chef walked out, so all my friends lookin for kitchen-staff there’s one out there.

Did you know the AIRPORT has brisket on Saturday?

Black Bean Taiyaki Waffle SWEET REEF Morro Bay

THE CARRISA postponed brunch til next Sunday citing “un-readiness”. MORE RESTAURANTS SHOULD DO THIS. See you 9/18!


BURGER VILLAGE has knocked off 5-Guys and In-N-Out for worst fries ever. An unbelievable feat.

AJ’s Kitchen is now MALU’S KITCHEN because we need another Mexican resty in Atascadero.

Golden China is now MARTINEZ because we need another Mexican resty in Atascadero.

Pomodoro Naturale DISTASIO’S Morro Bay

Millennial walks into Festival office: “We can sell ALL your duckets with reels on Instagram!”
Festival: “Think we could stretch 20 minutes of entertainment out to 3 days?”
Promoter: “It’ll be amazing!”
Festival: “And let’s make them pay to come in and buy our stuff.”
PR: “We’ll brand it *Moving from Pavement to Grass*!”
Festival: “We should have a concert!”
Flatbrim: “Yeah but let’s make it at the oposite end of town.”
Festival: “And let’s make the entry fee ALL or NOTHING.”
Millennial: “They won’t have a choice!”
Festival: “Also let’s not advertize the only part of the event worth $200.”
Promoter: “The locals will be totes down with that!”
People who can afford $350 tickets: “I’m good, thanks.”
God: “Make it rain.”

Cali Best #1 HIGH TIDE DELI Morro Bay

That brewery in the Colony District has been bought by the ever-expanding Streetside empire so PAIRS WITH is for all intents-and-purposes gone.

Turkey Pesto SEEDS SLO

No, I have not been to BABYDUDES, PONO, or BROOKS BURGER SLO yet so stop asking. You’ll be the FIRST to know.

No more stories. Go to sleep.


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  1. TeriBayus says:

    Your Featival convo was hysterical. #CrapAvacados #WeakMargaritas

    Live Well!,

    Teri Bayus 805-305-0579



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