Resty Gossip 5.21

Nardone’s Atascadero closed. Never eaten and always wondered how it survived in that weird location, but then pizza seems to survive in lots of horrible locations. I sure wish I could find a nice cozy place to eat pizza. Decent pizza. Normal pizza. With an inexpensive but serviceable red wine on the list–preferably Italian and acidic. Since the old Del’s closed I haven’t found a suitable spot. Go a head: name them and I’ll tell you why I don’t eat there.

Sliced Brisket, beans, salad and bread plate GOLD LAND BBQ The Creamery Marketplace SLO

GOLD LAND BBQ in the Creamery is the real dealio and glad to see another brisket in the county. That brings us to four. And sorry, Central Coast ‘neck: there’s no tri-tip on the menu. And, it’s open 11-7, so there’s another spot actually *open* in the creamery.

Steak Frites SLO BREW ROCK

It appears–though no advertisement or anything I can find–Wednesday is the day for food trucks at Kitchen Terminal. There’s a really bad “wood-fired” pizza, a sushi truck and Shaun Behrens’ burrito-burger truck which I AM trying soon because smashburger. no connection to the Ethiopian place–which is open 5 or 6 days a week *inside* The Kitchen Terminal… you can’t even literally walk from the food trucks to the Ethiopian place.

Branch St. Deli open after remodel and has wood-fired pizza oven, sandwiching the village with wood-fired pizza. Might just hafta go try that soon, to add to my Margherita Pizza List.

Cali-Paso going into the old Jolene Bakery in Creamery Marketplace.

Chinese food going into Cioppinot.

BLT Untoasted LOADING CHUTE Creston

The Nature Conservancy and some other folks are re-opening Ab Farm, but not to grow abalone. Some vague culture-bed to grow specimens for research or re-population or something.

Bottle Liquor Morro Bay has ceased serving food–a shame to all construction workers in the area. Those sandwiches and burgers were good.

Meanwhile, a stand-along new-construction liquor store–huge, rather–is being built on 41–the Morro Road portion in Atascadero. Seems a weirdly sustainable business. Perhaps they will have a huge wine selection???

Margherita Pizza PIZZA TROLLEY The Kitchen Terminal SLO

Bee Rock Store is opening for memorial day way out yonder past Naci. Speaking of Lockwood, the Lockwood store seems to be permanently closed. I know the proprietor died some time ago–I was there the day of her funeral–but haven’t seen it open since. Not sure what that bodes for Marin’s Winery TR next door.

Strawberry Shortcake HALFWAY STATION 41 Atascadero

Is Yanagi Paso open? Had a little bout with Norovirus last week which required emergency closing during service. Fairly serious outbreak, with considerable hospitalizations. Of course, people go to the ER for a splinter now, so go figure.

How about some news from the Taco Front? Went to Suzy’s Kitchen in Atascadero after her begging people to go-fund her utility bills. Pretty much as mediocre as the former owners–not a terrible taco though. Probably top-5 for Atascadero, but not anywhere else. Stopped in at Cayucos Gas Station and was greeted by a mandatory mask mandate and walked out. Discovered an outdoor rotisserie up at Cayucos Super Market making literally some of THE BEST TACOS in 2 counties: EASILY on par with the top 1 or 2 from Santa Barbara through Salinas. Fri-Sat-Sun 10-7. These are stupid good with ALL the right salsas. Apparently, these are the El Viejon people from further south down the strand–something I find hard to believe since El Viejon has made me (in both visits) some of the worst tacos imaginable. Oh well. Go up to Cayucos and prepare to be blown away. Easily a taco worth driving 20 miles for. Rock Tacos is brand new in Morro Bay in a beautiful location. Sill don’t have a liquor license, but they encourage you to buy beer downstairs and bring it up. Tacos aren’t terrible… decent pork meat of adobada style and some great tortillas and salsas. Ridiculously over-stuffed tacos: like: 4X the amount of meat needed… but hey: look at their demo. Corn-fed needs his fat tacos. Ran out to Pier St. Deli in Oceano on Chef Mathers’ recomendation and tried their al pastor. Rather nicely done. nothing earth-shattering, but good and simple. Had an *off* visit to my favorite: La Tapatia in Oceano. Lucy was not behind the counter and the tacos showed it. Meat not right and sauce not right and flavor not right. Hmmmmm. I know she works at Vons and Walmart in addition to cooking at La Tap, so hoping for the best. Until then: 13th St La Tap remains THE place to taco in 5-Cities. Actually had the al pastor tacos at SLO Brew the other day too! I need to make a separate list for tacos from places like this. Luna Red, Finca, Ventana, Sycamore… as they are GOOD, just not really taqueria-style. Not faulting them, jsut different. The Chicharrones that come with are FIRE.

Remember back a few years ago with the Park/Kult race to opening? Each wore blank faces with rumors here and there forever. Deja vu all over again, with Park rumored to be an urban market a la Larder or Novo during covid. But nothing–not even a glimmer from street-view. Than BAM! Kult gets new signage! So now we’ve got Nick The Greek and Moe a block apart downtown. I like Nick’s, actually–didn’t expect to. His gyro with french fries is pretty damn good.

Hamburger TODO BUENO SLO Public Market

Out at SLO Public Market, the new burger/taco place opened upstairs: yes, and you’ve got the WHOLE upstairs and patio open to yourself with this restaurant alone. No need to deal with hot-chicken-bro in the food-court. Todo Bueno it’s called and has a HUGE menu of oddities. Burger closest thing to Apple Pan I’ve found. Very simple. Lots of *special sauce*. I’m gonna go back and order it one patty, no tomato and see if I can replicate Apple Pan most definitely. French fries are properly done and good too (as were Loading Chute‘s) but come with Lawry’s, so gotta halt that.

If some of this news seems really old, IT IS because I haven’t written Resty Gossip for over a month and last week wrote a list of the best places to eat and drink in SLOco but you haven’t read it because you won’t get out of your comfort zone and want to eat at the same boring places you’ve been reading about for decades.


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