Finally got into Sidecar’s new incarnation today. The menu on the wall is gone and in its place is a banner advertizing beer beer and moar beer. The art-nouveau/absinthe/speak-easy motif is gone and in it’s place just drab grey walls and funky furniture. The wine list is very deep and well-thought-out and the food is surprisingly wonderful. The Sidecar burger was perfect, a lil mozzarella-ey and I would like to see at least ONE burger on the menu with lettuce and tomatoes, but… The fried chicken sandwich with heirloom tomato was some of the best fried chicken I have ever had–kinda de-constructed the whole unit and ate it with our hands. The pork belly sandwich with Asian pickles and saute’d onions was just perfect with huge slabs of perfectly-cooked FAT. Both the burger and belly came on a lovely brioche. Forgot to ask where they got their bread. But the fries in truffle oil. Just perfect fries. Thin and bright and light and with that bubbly, crispy coating which means parboiled and made properly. Criminal to dip them in anything. Service was perfect and all-on-all I have a completely new respect for Sidecar. Highly recommended. Adding it to the list at 3 stars.


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