New Visits Morro Bay, Paso Robles 9.17.2015


One new Central Coast restaurant, one re-modeled and re-worked, and one which has been around for a few years but I had never tried.

GIANCARLOS in Morro Bay has re-opened after a short remodel as GC BISTRO.  Nearly the same atmosphere but the food seems to have been stepped up a notch.  The food has gone from well-prepared standards to edgy, border-line haut cusine, fantastically creationary and well-presented takes on standards.  Upgrading to   ♦♦♦

Had an amazing lunch at NEXT DOOR BISTRO in Paso Robles.  This is an absolute MUST TRY!  A short, concise menu of small plates, innovative salads and sandwiches complement an incredible BTG wine-list.  A cozy, relaxed dining room–or sidewalk patio–complete the perfect ‘bistro’ feel.  ♦♦

Finally got in to FRANKIE & LOLA’S in Morro Bay.  Speaking of Giancarlo’s, long-time residents or visitors will remember this location being the first incarnation of Giancarlo’s and it was where I fell in love with this chef.  We are going back over 10 years.  It closed when Giancarlo moved uptown, and became Fireman’s Five Dollar Something or other–I forget.  Never ate there, and likewise, have wandered in to FRANKIE & LOLA’S a couple times over the past 5+ years they have been open, but never ate there until recently.  Wow.  Have I missed out.  One of the freshest, most innovative menus around.  It is not completely vegetarian, but is an absolute dream for those who dine in that direction.  Tried as many things as possible and everything bright and beautiful and piled high with fresh ingredients.  A tucked-away little gem.  No alcohol.   ♦♦

Food: @805eats
Wine: @_soif

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