Taco Additions 9.24.15


VALLARTAS SUPERMARKET (South Santa Maria) Just can not get enough of these locations.  This is the brand new location on Broadway South of Stowell and it is huge and beautiful and the food is AMAZING.  Eaten here several times since opening.  Just a shocking array of food and drink sure to blow away #teamgringo.  Easily in my Top-5 tacos in Santa Maria.  Can tell basically no difference between this and the Vallartas in North Santa Maria.   ♦♦

CASA MANANA  Holy wow are you kidding?  Dining room full of fat gringos.  Laminated menu with pictures and lettuce and sour cream on everything.  Crunchy tacos.  No bueno.  Could not exit fast enough.  ◊

LE MEJOR DE JALISCO  Reviews tend to run heavy on how wonderful the rice and beans are.  Well, if rice and beans are what you go to Mexican food for, have at it.  I suffered through a meeting-lunch with another contractor who I am fairly certain has never had Mexican food in his life.   ◊



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