Taco additions 1.28


CHRONIC TACOS  San Luis Obispo added at  ◊  Yes, a chain but hey, I have to try!  Honestly not that bad.  Everything was horrible, don’t get me wrong, but totally do in a pinch.

TACO KING  San Luis Obispo added at  ◊◊  Horrible dyed-red shiny meat; Salsa game exceedingly weak.  Asked if I wanted lettuce and cheese.  Weird hours.  Open for lunch a day and then closed a week.  Don’t bother.

TACO DE MEXICO San Luis Obispo revisited after 10 years and maintains a scant  ♦  for delivering bad dog-food meat, dry and cubed, but in an authentic manner.  The shocking thing is:  This is better than every other taco in San Luis Obispo.  Until La Delicias.

LA DELICIAS  San Luis Obispo added at  ♦♦  for the FIRST TIME a SLO taco establishment has achieved such a high score.  Tacos were not absolutely *authentic* as I am used to, but meat very good and not dry or greasy.  Marinated and grilled (2 in the Al Pastor description) and with mango on top.  Very knowledgeable chef interested in customer taste and classic preparation.  GO HERE.

VILLA CANTINA Arroyo Grande added at ◊◊  A complete gringo experience and one which will prove exceptionally popular with the tasteless Mexican Food wonks in the area.  A chipotle/1000-islands dressing topped my tacos and a shredded lettuce and cubed tomato salad appeared alongside.  Meat dyed bright red, dry and grainy.  A scant smattering of cilantro, a trace of onion and no lime.  I actually lol’d when my plate arrived.  Everything very carefully calculated to not offend or challenge the Arroyo Grande diner.  An absolute joke.  This place will be packed every day I promise.

SPENCER MACENZIE’S  San Luis Obispo added at  ◊  Another chain I just HAD to try for their “World Famous Street Tacos”.  Yes, it was all horrible, the meat the filling the salsa everything horrible BUT!!!  The tortillas are the best I have had anywhere in the area.  Not sure if they are house-made but they are bright yellow corn, not perfectly-shaped, ruffly and brown around the edges–all signs pointing to a hand-made tortilla.  Not sure but they certainly are fabulous and enough to lift what would otherwise be a ◊◊ resty up a bit.

LA PALAPA  San Luis Obispo  added at  ◊◊  OMG just don’t.

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