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EMBER in Arroyo Grande raised to ♦♦♦  Everything is firing on all cylinders here.  Food ranges from interesting to stunning each month as the menu changes.  Occasionally something shows up which doesn’t translate well, but it typically goes away quickly.  Great wine list and service.  This restaurant will never get 4 diamonds, but it is absolutely the PINNACLE of dining on the Central Coast.  If you have not eaten at EMBER, you live in a box.

GREAT AMERICAN FISH COMPANY in Morro Bay added at  ◊  Yes, occasionally I venture into a ‘tourist joint’ because, well: research.  I know a lot of locals who eat here and they trot themselves out as the bee’s knees–even their website is “Best Fish Restaurant Morro Bay dot com”!  Holy WOW what an experience.  It’s like, the whole staff is related.  Winelist is non-existent.  A few generic local bullshit bottles… Wild Horse… Eberle… Tobin James… horrible stuff and the glass I received was oxidized horribly.  The bartender–who’s attitude CLEARLY indicated she has never had a glass of wine–shrugged to the query of “When was this opened?” with “I don’t know.  Yesterday?  The day before?”  Judging from the corn-fed clientele packing the dining room, no one cares.  The food reflected this same attitude.  Careless dretch.  Greasy, soggy, salty, unrecognizable brown glomp–ALL the selling points of a great dining establishment catering exclusively to the lowest-common-denominator.  Places like this need to be bull-dozed.  But then: where would these people eat?!?

FOOD PIX:  @ccrestaurantreport



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