Taco + SALVADOREAN Update 2.25


LOS TAMALES POBLANOS in Oceano added at ♦  Quite good tacos, very authentic with their own touch.  No credit cards, simple menu, very low-key operation.  Nothing overwhelmingly impressive.  Might return merely for support, as there are far better tacos nearby.

LOS COMADRES SALVADOREAN in Santa Maria added at  ♦♦  Now here is a new twist.  There are no tacos served here!  Papusas!!!  Fried bananas and very interesting–and good–tamales fairly different from typical Mexican tamales.  I wandered in here looking for new tacos and found NEW FOOD I had never experienced before: Papusas hot and fresh and oozing with queso and packed with well-flavored meat.  The darkest, brownest–and clearest–horchata I have ever seen.  So happy I found this nestled smack dab in the middle of my usual taco-stomping grounds on Main Street.  The shredded cabbage and rice vinegar? side garnish is to DIE for.

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TWITTER:  @eatdrinkCA

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