Kitchenette, Upper Crust and Budget Cafe SLO

KITCHENETTE in Templeton added at  ♦  Emphasis on the ‘ette’.  Curt menu, and small items.  Fun little Ladies-Who-Lunch items delicate-sized and beautiful.  Winelist not published, you point at a regional map on the wall and receive something from their extremely limited grouping of forgettable Paso super-market wines.  People rant and rave about this place–I’m kinda missin the point, somehow.

BBQ LAND in Santa Maria added at  ◊  Talked into a business-lunch.  Just don’t.  Really.  This isn’t food any human with taste buds should be consuming.  WHO eats this bullshit?!?  Oh yeah: white people in Santa Maria.

UPPER CRUST TRATTORIA in San Luis Obispo added at ♦♦  Now HERE is a surprising discovery.  Somehow I have NEVER eaten here although I drive by it practically daily.  Service impeccable.  Manager roving the room.  Client read correctly and staff not cloying.  All food above expectation.  A bare-bones carpaccio not weighted down with unnecessary accouterments.  Gnocchi perfectly prepared and cooked.  Meat FAR above expectation.  On-point desserts and a wine-list comfortable in its regulars and gleeful in its surprises.  Besides the exemplary non-bugging service, the other big notable was the PRICE.  Everything is so cheap!  Entrees under 20$!  I think the carpaccio was 9 dollars!  Wine was NOT a typical restaurant markup, and I enjoyed a world-class Santa Barbara Pinot Noir for 15$ over retail.  This restaurant can easily get lost in the miasma of SLO Italian spots and the location keeps it out-of-mind but I HIGHLY recommend it.

BUDGET CAFE in San Luis Obispo added at ♦  Finally made it in to this little gem people been telling me about for decades.  Your classic no-frills diner.  I was far-and-away the youngest person in the room, and it was obvious the staff knew each and every one of them by name and menu preferences.  I watched in awe the (only) waitress spend 5 minutes helping a solo older gentleman from his table to his car without one OUNCE of hurriedness.  There is a level of personal service here hard to find anymore.  Food as expected, hearty and safe.  Eat here.


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