Scratch Kitchen, Lompoc

Finally made it into Scratch Kitchen in Lompoc.  Impressed with everything.  So exciting to have a quality dining venue in a town we all spend a certain amount of time in but the food choices always come down to Phở or Tacos (Yes, there are VERY NICE examples of each in ‘The Poc’).  The remodel is nicely done and ambiance balanced.  We were seated without a wine list.  Why management does not drill this into their staff continually amazes me.  We live RIGHT HERE in the middle of a massive wine-economy and this is a restaurant with “Wine Bar” on the masthead and somehow a person gets seated for lunch without a wine list?!?!?  This happens CONSTANTLY to me on the Central Coast.  A firing offence, and an instant black mark on the establishment.  After requesting, the list turned out to be incredible.  Perfectly deep with extremely low wine-prices, many selections by-the-glass and NONE of the boring ‘usual suspects’.  Instead a well-thought-out mix of locals.  A VERY nice wine list.  We ordered a variety of items… we saw the fries and onion rings at another table and decided they had to be tried.  The onion strings had a fluffy, bubbling, crust–light as a feather–and offset the always kinda-slimy onion centers nicely.  The fries were nearly perfect–deep-fried with rosemary, parsley for amazing flavor.  Both were accompanied by home-made ketchup and Ranch.  Also sampled the Scratch Hamburger which was on a flatbread roll with blue cheese and wilted lettuce.  I first remarked at the oddity of no tomato, and expected it to be a bit dry, but they pulled it off in spectacular fashion.  The Beets & Burrata were a massive tower of heirloom tomatoes, multi-colored beets, arugula and mozzerella, all drizzled with mild blasamic sauce.  The Maili Fried Chicken was voted by everyone “some of the best”.  Boneless and golden-crusted it was moist and not overtly-spiced and resting on a bed of braised greens, mushrooms and bacon.  A quite exemplary experience and definitely a place to keep an eye on.  I have already started planning my next order based on the pulled-pork sandwich and Greek Salad I saw at an adjacent table.  If you involve yourself in the local wine scene, you will find yourself in Lompoc regularly and heading to Buellton for lunch has always been de rigueur.  Until now.  An amazing, modern, seriously hi-quality restaurant in downtown Lompoc.



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