Resty updates and additions 6.28


A revisiting of LUNA RED in San Luis Obispo.  Holding steady at  ♦♦   Menu has changed to a very bistro-ey single cardboard sheet but the wine list seems to have expanded considerably.  I can’t help but think these moves are in response to FOREMOST WINE COMPANY moving into the downtown corridor.  I would really love to give them  ♦♦♦  as they are my favorite of the three resties owned by this group but just can’t do it.  It was there at one point…. not there anymore.

I have been very hard on NOVO over the years.  It is voted the best restaurant in San Luis Obispo over and over and therefore opens itself to criticism.  Wine-service has always been dreadful, and the food I have found clunky, awkward and poorly-integrated over and over and over.  I try to visit at least once a year to be fair.  I had a lovely lunch there last week and am happy to announce an upgrade to ♦♦.  A decent dinner could put this thing up where it belongs.

SCRATCH KITCHEN in Lompoc added at  ♦♦  Such an amazing place right out-of-the-bag.  See RECENT POST  Keep an eye on this one.  Based on wine-list and a couple dishes alone this one could go ♦♦♦  really easily soon.

THE MOXIE CAFE in Santa Maria added at  ♦   Bright, clean, lovely, but OMG *yawn*.  And I hate cafeterias.


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