Adds and edits 6.29


THOMAS HILL ORGANICS in Paso Robles added at  ♦♦♦♦   I have dined at this resty probably 10 times in the past ten years and SOMEHOW it has never made it from my notes to The List.  One of my favorite resties in Paso Robles and easily deserving its inclusion in the VERY exclusive group of  ♦♦♦♦  restaurants in the state.

ARTISAN in Paso Robles revisited and steady at   ♦♦♦

Adding TACO TEMPLE in Morro Bay and FRUITILAND LA CASA DEL SABOR in Arroyo Grande to The Restaurant List even though both are on THE TACO LIST because they are not classic taqueria fare and basically American food.  Both at  ◊ because each serve equally awkward, annoying, over-stuffed tourist food which can’t decide what it wants to be.


FOOD PIX:  @ccrestaurantreport

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