Updates 6.30


Although it is also on THE TACO LIST, I am including PAPI’S GRILL on the Restaurant list because it just really isn’t classic taqueria fare and is REALLY REALLY good.  The Asada-chipotle taco is mind-boggling.  ♦♦

Two more successful dining experiences at HARMONY CAFE at its new location in Cambria at The Pewter Plough Playhouse.  This place is so incredibly close to a  ♦♦♦  rating.  Watch for it.  Such a lovely dining experience and the food is fantastic.  Menu changes weekly.  A full roster of Pipestone Vineyards wine.

Another one to watch is SIDECAR in San Luis Obispo.  *Something* has happened and a visit there last week exposed several changes.  The menu has changed–for the better, although the Cubano I ordered was the worst I have ever had.  The amazing fries (BEST IN THE AREA) are untouched.  The Mason-jars are gone and real stemware is being utilized.  Staffing has been upped.  Keeping it at  ♦♦  for now but definitely another one to watch.  Could go either way, and transitions are familiar to this location–both in name and focus.

THE MARKET SM revisited–twice.  So easily meriting its  ♦♦♦  rating.  Everything seamless and beautiful.  The best service IN THE AREA.  PERIOD.  Best Restaurant in Santa Maria.  Amazing BTG wine list.  CLOSED PERMANENTLY



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