Terravant Winery and Restaurant


The restaurant at Terravant is largely unknown.  No one I have spoken to since dining there a couple weeks ago has any knowledge of it.  So FIND it:  The restaurant at Terravant Winery is WONDERFUL.  Terravant is a large custom-crush facility at the end of the street down past Industrial Eats and Figeuroa Mountain Brewing in Buellton.  I walked in, checked out the menu, asked a couple questions, completely hesitant as it looked kinda kitschy perched on the second floor with surrounding windows onto the numerous tanks and wine-processing area below.  Have you been to Cambria Winery’s tasting room?  It is a lot like that.  Windows on all sides overlooking the winery.  Now imagine a restaurant there.  Terravant processes wine for several dozen labels–all of which are available to taste in a fabulous wall of preserved-bottle by-the-taste state-of-the-art wine-dispensing system.  No pressure, no annoying tasting personnel telling you what to think about the wine, just help-yourself, taste what you want from 40 different wines.  Oh, and the food.  I sampled a variety of items from the menu: a cheese plate, a sandwich, a salad–all of which were prepared in above-average wine-country-bistro style and presented beautifully.  In addition, I tasted several wines I would have never had the chance to unless I were a club member of the respective winery.  Service was exemplary.  I am really REALLY hard on restaurants and service and atmosphere and I have to say, I have recommended this to many friends visiting the area and fully intend to visit myself regularly.  It was a very shocking discovery and a very pleasant one. Completely off-the-radar, Terravant Restaurant is a FIND.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  Added to list at   ♦♦

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