Resty Additions 7.16


CENTRALLY GROWN added at  ♦♦   Nice remodel and always a lovely location.  Quite popular and busy.  Did not eat dinner, just lunch from the deli and market downstairs and taken upstairs to eat with a glass of wine and the fabulous views.  Ridiculously expensive.  $45 for a sandwich, a salad and a glass of wine.  Everything nice, moderately good with interesting blends, juxtapositions and flavors, and staff reasonably helpful in traversing the awkward menu selection, ordering, and receiving.  Market full of high-end, interesting items.  Deli “out” of several items on menu.  Dinner menu same as the ‘bites’ on lunch menu but nightly specials added.  A beautiful spot with amazing views of the coast and a welcome addition to the West Cambria/hotel-strip area.  Wine bar adding tasting soon, but not open last two times I visited.  Wine list is a grouping of fairly boring local offerings with several exciting must-tries.

MASON BAR  The newest hip spot in The Village of Arroyo Grande.  Calling themselves a “Gastro-pub” which basically translates to interesting appetizers and small plates tip-toeing the line between “antipasti”, “tapas” and “brew-pub” fare.  For the former, include hummus and flatbread, cheese plates, house-made pickles and sausage;  Some safe salads and a grilled-cheese in the middle and at the hearty end, pot pie curry, catfish & grits.  Tried a few menu items and a couple of BTG wines.  All were reasonably well executed and the wine-list is a fair blend of hipster-hot-bottles and IPOB labels.  Added at  ♦♦  Will return for a more detailed experience–there are several items on the menu I want to try.  No, I didn’t get the “lobster corn dogs”.  I draw the line there. *EDIT*  Have visited three times.  Moved to  ♦

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