Taqueria List Additions 7.16


LA CHIQUITA added at  ♦♦  Very nice carniceria-style tacos.  Well above average.  The chili colorado is also amazing.

LA PRINCESSA  added at  ♦♦  also.  Small seating area, classic groceria/carniceria-style hot plates and small corner seating.  Good meat and decent ‘marinade-style’ al pastor tacos.  Good house salsa ‘picante’.

TAQUERIA GUERRERO in Grover Beach continues to just SLAY it in all categories.  Finding myself there at least once a week.  Al Pastor amazing and salsas vibrant and fresh.  This has become the new pinnacle of taquerias in the area.

The trend for Santa Maria here is obvious.  The further North you are in SM, the better the Mexican food is.



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