Resty Notes 8.28.15


THE SIX  Decided to try this “Gastro-Pub” because one recently opened here in Arroyo Grande (MASON BAR) and have visited a couple times and just am not all that blown away.  And… a good way to get a grip on an evolving food-trend is to experience it in LA or SF.  The Six is a lovely spot, crafted into the old Chowhouse location.  Service was wonderful, food was decent… The arugula salad with chevre was excellent, the avocado crostini very nicely done and the mac & cheese fritters were generous and well-cooked but bland.  Wine list is a horrible collection of corporate standards, out-done only by it being served in the worst glasses on the PLANET.   ♦

GIUSEPPIE’S EXPRESS   Love this little spot for quick panini, great salads, Italian cooking staples and gelato!!!  Find myself here FAR too many times per week.

FIGTREE’S CAFE & GRILL   Favorite little spot on the Venice Boardwalk.  Great salads and sandwiches.  The best breakfast fruit bowl on the whole drag.  + Mimosas!

MARISOL AT THE CLIFFS  Haven’t been for dinner in quite a few years, but popped in for lunch and other than the obnoxious and loud Bro’s & Ho’s surrounding the bar and stumbling through in their flip-flops and sunglasses, it was quite nice.  BTG list was satisfactory, service was exemplary, and the food quite well done.  You can’t fault the resty too hard on the demographic at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon.  Well… you CAN, because the establishment sets the tone for dress and behavior, but it IS a resort, and people are dressed down and having a good time.  Just find someplace quiet to sit.  I am really looking forward to returning for a formal dinner soon, as LIDO was recently re-visited and it will be fun to see them somewhat side-by-side.   ♦

DIVINE THAI CUISINE  This is my favorite Thai in town.  I love the BYOB/no corkage policy, as I can bring wine which actually belongs with this sort of cuisine instead of what is ALWAYS a miserable list.  Rieslings and Gewurztraminers are the name of the game here!  Food above average.



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