Rooster Creek Tavern Arroyo Grande


ROOSTER CREEK TAVERN Several years in and this place still packs it in every night–and most lunches–serving above-average food in a pleasant atmosphere.  Remember, this was the FIRST serious resty to come to Arroyo Grande.  Those of us who have lived here for any number of years remember the days when Gina’s Italian was THE ONLY “nice” restaurant in town.  Well, and McClintocks. Ewwww. It is a love-tolerate thing–Rooster Creek–but I feel their anchoring in The Village of Arroyo Grande cleared the way for the steady crescendo of amazing restaurants in Five-Cities.  Do the math: Since they opened, KUNFUSION, COMFORT MARKET, EMBER, ROBERT’S, CHOP STREET, GRAZE KITCHEN, MASON BAR, FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN, and THE SPOON TRADE have busted out, painting a big fat swath of amazing food and drink across the Arroyo Grande-Pismo Beach section of the Central Coast. Opinion on Rooster Creek Tavern runs the gamut, of course, with many people rolling their eyes horribly and many others stating it as their *go-to* spot.  It’s always busy.  And every time I go, I see a great demographic.  To be fair, I typically visit Rooster Creek as a back-up to one of the places mentioned above being crazy packed with long waits, and it never disappoints.  It never blows you away, but is always adequate-to-well above average.  Winelist is an interesting blend of locals and food–while not exactly ‘world-class’–well-prepared and hi-quality.  The Hanger Steak is top-notch, I LOVE their version of Caprese, and the pizzas: One of the best Margherita in the area.  Pricing is fair, service attentive and not buggy, noise level can be a bit above average and the 20+ TV’s drive me nuts, but it’s a big room and you can ALWAYS sit outside.  Despite never making a list of Best Central Coast Restaurants, my 5 or 6 visits since they opened tell me I will return again and again.  Totally above average.

FOOD PIX: @ccrestaurantreport
WINE PIX: @_soif


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