Central Coast Restaurants Additions and Re-visits.

CHIPWRECKED in Pismo Beach has been on my radar for several years and I just rarely make it down there into the full-on tourist-trudge by the pier.  Menu overly-complicated for what it is, I’m sure a second or third visit would streamline my understanding of why FOUR ITEMS require two columns of fine print and a chalkboard.  Sandwiches were VERY GOOD.  The extremely generous helpings of kettle chips–what we, and everyone else comes for–were rock-solid, thick-cut, brittle-as-glass, mouth-shredding little ovals.  The “dipping sauces” were refrigerated-solid, un-yielding portions doled out in 2oz covered Solo cups.  This place has been around for a long time, so clearly they are doing something right–or their clientele is easy to please.  I suspect a combination of each.  Locals and tourists alike rave about it.   ◊

INDIGO MOON in Cambria East Village has been a favorite of mine in Cambria for nearly a decade.  A safe, go-to spot with great ambiance, comfortable service and adequate food.  Menu is getting a little tired, and wine-list does not reflect any of the quality displayed in the wine-shop up front.  Moving to  ♦♦

SIDECAR continues to evolve and wow.  From a place I never felt lived up to potential and avoided almost 5 years ago to a place I visit at least once a month.  Second-best French Fries in San Luis Obispo.  Creative winelist.  Dishes, sandwiches and appetizers always above average.  A solid  ♦♦  EDIT 4.16.2016 Winelist has been GUTTED to absolute mainstream dretch.  ONE PRODUCER on tap and ONE PRODUCER in cans (yes, wine in cans–it’s all the rage amongst non-wine-drinkers) and ONE HORRIBLE BOTTLE.  That’s it.  I can not continue to endorse this restaurant.  Re-listing at ◊

SOCRATES COFFEE HOUSE is Atascadero’s newest addition on Traffic Way alongside FIG GOOD FOOD and EMPOURIUM WINE SHOP.  In addition to the typical European and American coffee offerings, they also serve Mexican, Turkish and Greek preparations and specialties.  Breakfast is served along with a full compliment of bakery fare.  Lovely, intelligent, local proprietors featuring regular live folk music and poetry readings.  Check out this throwback to SF beatnik days!  A WONDERFUL coffee shop.  The Wine EmPOURium has a great bling, interesting, local, and never-heard-of gems from California and the World backed up by a staff with decades in wine publicity.

Food: @805eats
Wine: @_soif


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