6DEGREES Orcutt 9.22.2015


6DEGREES in Orcutt is the newest Central Coast restaurant in an area which inevitably represents near-exclusive rights to the best dining in Santa Maria.  With the recent–and very sad–closing of MarketSM, one can safely say there is not a restaurant worth eating at North of Clark Avenue.  We NEARLY walked out of this place, because at first glance it seems to be nothing more than a very nice coffee shop.  A glance at the menu, and it quickly becomes obvious there is far more going on and talent is in the kitchen.  Likewise with the winelist.  It does not appear to be printed anywhere, and the verbal representation of what was available by the glass teetered dangerously near “some reds and some whites” UNTIL I prodded further, noticing the bottles in racks and on shelves and was pleasantly surprised–no, SHOCKED–at some VERY eclectic and fairly-well-thought-out selections.  Bottles you WILL NOT find anywhere else.  I also overheard the barista discussing espresso temperatures, which solidifies the beverage programme at 6DEGREES in the *Serious* category.  In a rare turn, I requested the hamburger, and again: another surprise.  I feel it represents the best hamburger in the area.  Not from the typical Middle-American boring set of size/bacon/multitude of contents/run-down-ur-arms-drip-off-your-elbows/Bubba-made parameters, but from a truly chef-created piece of gastronomic intensity.  The meat was the most beef-tasting, perfectly-cooked patty I can remember.  It just tasted LIKE PURE BEEF.  Just reeked of BEEF.  A carnivore’s delight.  I ordered it sans cheese (I find cheese over-powering in a burger, and detracting from the pure nuance) and the entire package was manageable, accoutrements professionally thought out, and not unnecessarily mussy.  Same for the Italian Sandwich.  Something so simply named and arriving so simply-presented but SHOCKED me at the first bite as being…. so… just… ITALIAN–but not overwhelmingly so with a myriad of clutter inside.  Lettuce, a nice oil drizzle with a little sparkle, and salumi on a perfect small roll.  This restaurant turned my first impressions of ho-hum into BRAVO.   ♦♦

Food: @805eats
Wine: @_soif



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