5-Cities Top New Restaurants

The Central Coast restaurant scene is always shifting, and there are a group of amazing new resties in the Arroyo Grande-Grover Beach-Pismo Beach area.  “I’ve never heard of that!” is the common response.  GET OUT AND EAT!  Here’s your list:

Chop Street Pismo Beach  ♦♦
Comfort Market Arroyo Grande  ♦♦
Ember Arroyo Grande  ♦♦♦
Figueroa Mountain Brewery  Arroyo Grande  ♦
Graze Kitchen Pismo Beach  ♦♦  CLOSED
Kunfusion Pismo Beach  ♦♦ CLOSED
Mason Bar Arroyo Grande  ♦  Remodeled and updated
Robert’s Arroyo Grande  ◊ CLOSED
Rooster Creek Arroyo Grande  ♦
The Spoon Trade Grover Beach  ♦♦♦

Lido Shell Beach  ♦♦  (Not new, but MUST be included in the list of area eateries)


Food Pix: @_soifeats

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