Not sure what the official name of this resty is… there’s TASTE SLO and TASTE CATERING & EATERY and TASTE 2900 on various signs, paperwork and addresses, in addition to just plain old TASTE, so I think I’ll go with that.  After the *meh* which was UTOPIA, this is a fun new work-over with
interesting dining concepts.  There’s basically three things on the menu.  Sliders, Mac & Cheese, and Salad.  No problem, right?  Not so fast.  There are probably 15 “Sliders”.  Only the first 5 or so are burgers.  The rest are every classic sandwich in the world translated into a smaller version: Club, Banh Mi, BLT, Pulled Pork… you name it, they have put an interesting twist on it and reduced it to a small handful between a split crusty artisan roll.  At least 5 or 6 of the sandwiches are vegetarian.  I recall Caprese, a Lentil or something burger, maybe a Hummus one and a Grilled Portobello… there were a bunch.  And at least two involving Salmon.  I have had the BLT, the Banh Mi, the Pulled Pork and one of the Burgers with Chevre and Fig Jam.

I’m kinda blown away with the presentation, quality and plain old fun-factor on these.  My attention-span on sandwiches runs short, so these are perfect.  The salads are GORGEOUS and generous, both those on other tables and the Melon Salad I ordered.

Heaped with the ripest, sweetest, brightest-colored fruit I think I have ever had in a restaurant.  Show me fruit on a menu and I will show you bland, green, damaged, firm, homogeneous-tasting and poorly-colored chunks.  But not here.  I could not believe how ripe the fruit was.  A huge swath of it on a fat bed of spinach with a not-everpowering tangy balsamic drizzle and topped with fresh mint.  I have not had a chance to try the dozen-or-so Mac & Cheese creations.  The wine list is seriously well thought-out collection of perhaps 40 bottles, all available BTG.  Extremely deep, from safe Sonoma Cab through not-often-seen locals to fairly obscure one-offs.  Like Le P’tit Paysan!  Where else can you buy this wine?!?!

 And Giné Giné for 6 bucks a glass.  What a fun little wine.  I have heard a few reports of their catering of various events which have run the range from “It was OK” to “I was really impressed”.  All the staff I have dealt with in two visits have been confident and professional–knowledgeable and hold themselves well.  A lovely restaurant experience and added at  ♦♦



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