Several restaurants added to THE Soifeats RESTAURANT LIST… All in SLO… all I have had the opportunity–or misfortune–to dine at on numerous occasions and almost all are part of the downtown-ish midtown lunch or pub core.

THE GIANT GRINDER  Part of a grouping of 4 or 5 sandwich shops within as many blocks of mid-town constantly vying for dominance.  Of all I have tried, I like this one best.  ♦

DEL MONTE CAFE  Probably the best breakfast in SLO.  Wonderful, charming place.  Just the way you remembered restaurants as a kid.  The potatoes OMG!!!  ♦♦

GUS’ GROCERY  I hate sitting outside
and they don’t have rye bread.  End of conversation.  ◊

MARSTEN’S   A few years ago I raved about several items on their menu as being just good, quality, American basics done right, BLT, Nachos, etc… but a recent visit indicated a serious dumbing-down of the menu.  ◊

THE GRADUATE  What college-town would be complete without a Grad?  Typical stuff here… Huge burgers, pitchers of Coors Light, soggy fries, 13 channels of ESPN to choose from and *all ages* dance nights!  Yay!  You DON’T come here for the food.  ◊

SPIKE’S   A small local cult fav down towards SoHig in The Creamery.  Lots of beer, food runs about average greasy uninteresting pub-fare.   ◊

BUFFALO PUB & GRILL  Opened in the location of our beloved FANDANGO BISTRO, the best restaurant San Luis Obispo ever had.  Pretty sure still owned by same people and also BLACK SHEEP but the menu has always repulsed me.  Have tried to enjoy a meal there a few times–always with the same result.  The menu is not *that* much different from BLACK SHEEP a couple blocks away, but oh man what a difference a couple blocks make.  Black Sheep produces food you can eat and pretends to actually LIKE their customers.  ◊

RAKU RAMEN  A fun place for a sunny lunch up in the ever-expanding NoMo stretch of town.  Not all that blown away with the ramen.   ♦

BEN FRANKLIN’S   Another sub-sandy shop down mid-town/SoHig.  Pretty straightforward, boring stuff.  ◊


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