New Restaurants Blessed!

TAQUERIA 805 Food truck added to THE TACO LIST at ♦  Quite disappointing.  Really lackluster.
EL COMPADRE Atascadero added to THE TACO LIST at ♦  Full-on gringo spot.  Would suffice only in an absolute PINCH.
EFREN’S DELI Oceano upgraded on THE TACO LIST to ♦♦  Hadn’t visited for several years.  Was was a bit more impressed this time.  Soon to open a new location in SLO, which will IMMEDIATELY place them as BEST TACOS IN SAN LUIS OBISPO (proper), quite easily bumping out Tonitas, the current best.

VEGETABLE BUTCHER San Luis Obispo added
to THE RESTAURANT LIST at ♦♦   This place has POTENTIAL for 3 diamonds. Food gets about a 75, winelist a 50, ambience and atmosphere a full 100 but the service a near-zero, dragging everything down.  FULL REVIEW HERE

BLUE HERON Baywood Los Osos added to THE RESTAURANT LIST hits the list HARD at ♦♦♦ something worthy of congratulations.  The idea of a another 4-diamond resty in San Luis Obispo county is still a ways off, but with food at about 75, and ambience and winelist BOTH a solid 100, it could be in reach.  I can not answer honestly as to service, as I have only been there for industry events, and that makes it impossible to judge.  There were a few awkward moments with the service, and am anxious to slip in incognito one of these days and give it a real test-drive. FULL REVIEW HERE

CAFE FIERO San Luis Obispo added to THE RESTAURANT LIST at ♦♦  And this is a very good rating for a resty like this.  No resty of this style will ever get higher unless you’re Guigni’s or something.  Fiero is the #4 in the NOVO/Luna Red empire of FIVE restaurants now and for what it is–and the demographic it serves–it is fine.

BEACH BURGER Oceano added to THE RESTAURANT LIST at ♦♦♦ Completely blown away by this shacky little outpost on the beach owned by the Laguna Grill folks.  Everything made from scratch and everything given MORE than enough thought.  This is absolutely a must-visit for all locals.  Betcha didn’t now it was there! Yes, Soif Eats’ first entry for Oceano!  FULL REVIEW HERE

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