Have you been to Cass House?


Why does this review have no words?  It just seemed so unnecessary for Cass House.  Safely and comfortably on the Soif Eats Restaurant Report at ♦♦♦ and can only go up, as there has never been a single flaw in service, ambience, food, pacing or wine-service.  The only reason Cass House Grill does not have ♦♦♦♦ is that I have never eaten dinner here–and such scores are reserved almost exclusively for dinner-judgement.  I have enjoyed dozens of lunches, and highly recommend sitting at the bar to fully appreciate the absolute perfection Chef Cory and his staff turn out of the 100% wood-fired kitchen.  Yes, you read that right: there is no range, EVERYTHING is cooked over–or under–wood.  Wine-list runs a fine line between over-ripe blingy locals and balanced under-appreciated finds.  Service is never off-putting OR cloying–everything from waiting, seating, food-pacing and finality are attentive and comfortable.  Everything is made from scratch and the menu changes constantly to reflect season and source while still maintaining at least the theme of regular items you HAVE to have at every visit.  The tiny town of Cayucos has only ever had two real restaurants, and while both of them are in fresh new iterations of their erstwhile histories, Cass House has managed to hit the ball out of the park with the current evolution.

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